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Get Your Free Credit Score from Credit Karma

Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are eligible for a free copy for your credit report every 12 months from each of the three reporting agencies (Equifax, Transunion and Experian).  However, getting your credit score will cost you until now. Credit Karma now offers a free credit score from TransUnion.  I just signed up […]

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Does More Money Make You Happier?

July 12, 2013 | Personal Finance | No Comments

The old adage “money doesn’t make you happy” is highlighted in the interesting infographic below. Once your basic needs are taken care of, happiness tends to flat-line; however, if your basic needs aren’t taken care of you will be unhappy.

Once most people hit an income of $75K, happiness tends to flat-line.

Below are some more interesting statics about money vs. happiness.

Happiness and Money Infographic

Make Your Credit an Important Part of Your Life

June 5, 2013 | Quick Tips | No Comments

Your credit is an important part of your life. Whether you want to buy a new car, apply for a home loan or even rent a house, your credit history will be taken into consideration and can affect your ability to move forward financially in the world. Unfortunately, many adults have credit problems.

Credit repair is the process of improving your credit history and credit scores. If you do want to do things financially in the future, be it apply for a credit card or even a new job, you will need to take steps to improve and increase your current credit score. Many adults find that credit repair is a sensitive topic that many people are afraid to discuss. At Lexington Law, you can consult with a lawyer who is an expert in credit repair.

Your lawyer will be able to guide you on the right path to improving and repairing your credit. While it might seem that a lawyer is only there for things like wills, trusts and legal charges, the truth is that a credit lawyer is actually an incredibly valuable asset when it comes to improving and repairing your personal credit score. Contact a lawyer today to get the help you need.

How to Become a Responsible Gambler

May 20, 2013 | Quick Tips | No Comments

If you’re worried about joining the millions of people who enjoying playing at online casinos – you shouldn’t be – just take a follow a few simple steps to put your mind at rest.

Start by spending a little time making sure that the site you want to play has accreditation from one of the various governing bodies. These credentials should be on the casino’s homepage.

When you’re happy you’ve chosen a reputable site, check out the rules of your chosen casino as house rules may vary slightly from other casinos. It is also advisable to read the terms and condition of the site, especially in regard to bonuses and their withdrawal conditions, whilst a FAQs page will often answer many of the questions you and many who’ve gone before you have wanted to ask.

Once you’re happy with your chosen site’s reputation, it’s time to set budgets on both your finances and time.

Setting limits on how much money you’re willing to spend and how much time you’ve got spare to play is a great way of keeping playing online casino games fun. Start by calculating how much you’re willing to lose and credit your account with that amount. Then decide how long you can play your favorite mobile slots for without it affecting other areas of your life.

If you lose your money before your window of time is up, don’t be tempted to gamble more than your budget as you’ll probably regret it later, and it may put you off wanting to play again – and that’s a lot of fun to be missing out on.

Equally, if your time runs out before your money, whether you’re winning or losing, don’t be tempted to stay on and gamble it away. Leave it in your account for next time. This way you’ll be looking forward to your next visit to an online casino rather than regretting your previous one.

Learning the Value of a Dollar

August 20, 2012 | Credit Cards | Guest Post | No Comments

I got my first credit card when I was just 17 and had no idea what the value of a dollar was. I had no job at the time, and even worse, I didn’t even have a real understanding of how credit cards worked. By the time I was 20, my credit was so bad that I couldn’t get a car and I had been turned down by nearly every apartment complex in the area. I was taking all the steps needed to improve my credit, but it was slow going.

Things got even worse when I lost my job. I was going to be homeless unless I found a way to pay my bills, and that’s when a friend suggested I take out a loan. I didn’t know much about personal loans, but I knew it can make your credit even worse, so I was very hesitate.

I did some research online and found the website The reason I was so drawn to is because it doesn’t check your credit score like other companies. Instead, the website takes some personal information and then matches you up with several loan companies that are the most likely to provide you with the money you need. is incredibly easy to use too. All you do is enter some basic information, such as the amount of money needed and your credit score, and the website does the rest. The whole process takes less than five minutes. After that, the website gives you several companies to contact, but I only needed to call one before I got my loan. Overall, I’m very happy with the website and would recommend it to anyone.

Submitted by J. Jones

My Short Term Stock Trades of Synacor (SYNC)

June 3, 2012 | Investing | My Ramblings | No Comments

For the last several months I’ve been thinking about getting back in the stock market.  However, I soon remember why I decided to exit the stock market and to never re-enter.  See “5 Reasons Why I Lost Over $300,000 in the Stock Market” to find out why.  However, lately I’ve been having the bug because the stock market has made people money over the last several months.

Looking back, at around October / November 2011, is when I should have entered the market again when everyone was fleeing and financial world looked like it was coming to an end.  There were so many bargains out there and I could have made a nice profit. Of course hindsight is always 20/20.  No one knew what would happen.  We could have entered a really bad long-term depression!

This time when I enter the market it will be short term.  No more buying stocks and holding them long term.  If I buy a stock and it goes up quickly, sell and grab my profits and don’t look back.  This time I won’t be greedy.  On the flip side, if a stock drops over a certain percentage, I’ll quickly sell it and cut my loss. No more holding a dog and hoping things will improve one day.  Let’s face it, the stock market is a gamble.  But it can be a calculated gamble if you use common sense and are lucky enough to get a little luck.

So I started looking around and stumbled on a stock that was hot, that I believe I could trade short term and make a little money.

The National Inflation Association  has been touting this one stock, Synacor (SYNC) on their site and news letter.  “Synacor, Inc. provides authentication and aggregation solutions for delivery of online content and services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.”  You can read more about Synacor here.

I’m not one to be swayed by hype, but I started watching the stock and soon realized that the stock was having some really big daily movements with nice volume.  In some days it would be up or down 10-15%.  So I decided to ride the wave to see if I could make a little money.  I soon realized that if the stock had a nice jump over a few days, then it was a good time to sell and buy back when the profit takers came in.  See stock chart below.

The first time I purchased I make the mistake of buying after a nice run-up.  I watched it climb from about $9 to over $13 and jumped in at the top.  I purchased 200 shares at $12.795 and the next day the profit takers came in and it dropped.  I sold it $11.60 and hoped it dropped some more so I could jump back it.  Six days later I purchased 250 shares at $9.97 and watched it climb to over $14, placed a stop loss at $13.5 and sold it at $13.41.  The stock is now at $11.95.  I’m hoping it falls a little more and I’ll jump back in.  I strongly believe there is more upside potential to this stock and plan to ride the wave.

So far I’ve profited $592.86, with my 2 trades.  We shall see what happens over the next few weeks as I research other companies to trade short term.  I’ll be keeping my eye on SYNC to determine when to jump in and out to make a little money!

Need Help with Your Social Security Disability Benefits?

May 9, 2012 | Services | 4 Comments

If you need help applying for Social Security Disability Benefits (or have ever been denied) due to physical or mental disability then you should consider contacting the Disability Benefits Alliance (DBA).

DBA operates nationwide with non-attorney representatives trained who is dedicated to helping individuals obtain Social Security Benefits. They help with the frustrating task of completing numerous forms, obtaining your medical records and working with the Social Security Administration.

DBA representatives understand all the paper work needed to give you the best chances of your benefits being approved.

DBA staff includes former a Social Security Disability Determination Examiner along with other trained and experienced professionals who have the expertise to ensure your case is presented in the proper way.

Navigating the Financial Aid Process

April 20, 2012 | Education | Financial Tips | 2 Comments

If you are seeking financial aid for college, below is a helpful guide to help you understand the complicated financial assistance maze.

Navigating the financial aid system infographic by Southern New Hampshire University, SNHU.EDU
Brought to You by SNHU.EDU Online College Programs