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Would You Buy the GM-Segway PUMA?

April 7, 2009 | My Ramblings | Videos | 5 Comments


Today General Motors and Segway unveiled an electric two-seat prototype vehicle with just two wheels, intended to navigate urban traffic.  The companies claim the vehicle could be used on college campuses and in gated communities as well as on city streets.

The GM-Segway prototype is called the PUMA, for “Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility.” It can automatically balance itself fore and aft and can travel at up to 35 mph for up to 35 miles between recharges.

The question is; will the PUMA sell when introduced to the market?  The Segway has been on the market for years and hasn’t lived up to expectations.  Additionally, should GM be investing in a product that may not sell, especially in the United States?  The infrastructure isn’t here for these small death traps to drive in urban traffic.  The PUMA may do well in other countries that already use small vehicles (bicycles, motor-cycles, etc) in urban areas, such as in China and India.

Only time shall tell, it’s a prototype.  But I would not feel comfortable driving the PUMA in Manhattan, NYC going 35 miles per hour.  When I see such small vehicles on the road, I consider them coffins.  This is why I’ll never ride a motorcycle! 

What do you think?  Leave your comments below!

See more photo gallery of the PUMA at

Video: The PUMA in Action

Video: The Best Financial Advice to Live By

March 28, 2009 | Financial Tips | Videos | 1 Comment

Below is a funny but true video clip from Saturday Night Live (SNL) titled “Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t afford”.  Sticking to this simple advice can keep most people out of financial problems.  Unfortunately, most people ignore this rule!

SNL Video – Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford

Video: Inside the Financial Crisis – Mortgage Madness

March 24, 2009 | Mortgage Loans | Videos | No Comments

Below is the first video of NBC’s Dateline report titled “Inside the Financial Crisis: Mortgage Madness” (aired last Sunday 3/22/09).

The show takes an in-debt look at the current mortgage crisis that we have been bombarded with by the media.  However, Dateline gave a good explanation as to how it all started and how we got here.

What is amazing about the show is how people were getting mortgage loans that they clearly couldn’t afford.  The entire system got so corrupted from the banks, brokers, Wall Street,  ratings agencies to even the borrowers that everyone was just looking to make money and ignored the fact the borrower would not be able to pay back the money.   Isn’t that absolutely crazy?

As an example, one borrower was able to get a $260,000 loan with a monthly payment of $2,100 but the borrower had an income of $1,600.  Clearly, people lied to get these loans approved.  In my opinion many people should be sent to prison over the current mortgage crisis.

Video: Inside the Financial Crisis: Mortgage Madness


Visit to view the rest of the Morgage Madness.

Why Didn’t I think of This? – Dry Erase Paint

March 21, 2009 | My Ramblings | Videos | No Comments

A few days ago I posted an article about why I never thought about creating Word Combination Locks.  Today I’m wondering why I never thought about dry-erase paint created by IdeaPaint.

IdeaPaint sells a paint that with a single-coat roller-applied makes any smooth surface into a dry-erase writing surface. What a neat idea! 

The paint is much cheaper than purchasing a dry erase board.  The paint cost $3.99 per sq. ft. and can be purchased at IdeaPaint’s website.  The paint can be used in conference rooms, creative spaces, classrooms, home offices, kid’s rooms, and playrooms.


IdeaPaint is environmentally friendly, which makes significant improvements in raw material utilization, energy consumption, and air quality.  See video below of IdeaPaint at Neocon.

For more information visit

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Video: Neocon Idea Paint

Videos: Corrupt Banking System – How Banks Work

March 18, 2009 | Videos | No Comments

Below is a very interesting video series titled “Corrupt Banking System”. There are 5 videos titled, “Cartels Robbing the Public”, “How Money is Created” “Money is Debt”, “Monetary Reform” and “Warning About the NWO”.  Enjoy!

1. Corrupt Banking System – Cartels Robbing the Public (1/5)


2. Corrupt Banking System – How Money is Created (2/5)


3. Corrupt Banking System – Money is Debt (3/5)


4. Corrupt Banking System – Monetary Reform (4/5)


5. Corrupt Banking System – Warning About the NWO (5/5)

Social Lending Networks are Booming

March 15, 2009 | Personal Loans | Videos | No Comments

Social lending networks are booming!  Internet based services such as Virgin Money, Prosper Investing / Prosper Borrowing, and Lending Club use online collaboration with credit analysis tools to match lenders with borrowers.  This creates a win-win scenario for both the lender and borrower.  Lenders get an above market rate from their investment, while borrowers get easier access to credit at a decent interest rate.

Social lending networks allows borrowers with good credit access to personal loans at interest rates more attractive than those available from conventional funding sources such as banks and credit cards.  Social lending networks use an auction style process connecting borrowers with lenders offering the best terms.

Lenders are now pumping $250,000 in capital per day into Lending Club with about 95% of loans over the past month being fully funded.  In 2008,  Lending Club generated over 2,500 loans totaling $21 million (approximately $9,000 per loan).
Lenders at Lending Club fund specific borrowers with an interest rate of 6.69% to 19.37%, minus a service charge of 1%. Borrowers must complete a loan request online and can instantly view the interest rate they qualify for.  It’s free to check interest rate, however there are strict credit-standards that must me met, such as a minimum FICO score of 660.  So if you have bad credit you are out of luck. The interest rate is fixed for the full three-year duration of the loan. As part of the loan application, a borrower must provide a social security number and other identifying information. 

Below are 2 videos;  the first is about getting a loan at Lending Club and the second is of the CEO of Virgin Money being interviewed on CNN about the benefits of social lending.


Video: Getting a Loan at Lending Club


Video: What Works – Social Lending


For more information visit, and Prosper Investing / Prosper Borrowing.

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Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer on The Daily Show

March 13, 2009 | Videos | 1 Comment

Last week I posted a video clip of the “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” exposing the so called experts and executives who don’t know what they are talking about or just plain lying.  In the video Jon Steward blasted Jim Cramer, of “Mad Money” for telling investors that, “Bear Stearns is not in trouble…and…it’s time to buy, buy, buy”. The company collapsed 6 days later.  (See video post)

The clip definitely stirred things up between the men with a Jim Cramer getting invited to Jon’s show to clear things up. Below is the video of the interview.  In the video Jon Stewart is really hard on Jim Cramer who seems like he’s out of his league with this debate.

Video: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 1


Video: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 2


Video: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 3


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