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Going to College in America is a Scam!

June 15, 2011 | My Ramblings | Student Loans | 4 Comments

The cost of going to college is going through the roof like healthcare.  Going to college in the United States is nothing but big business.  My wife is currently attending college for nursing and it’s all about the money.  The text books are a rip off.  Every year tuition cost goes up and they nickel and dime you for everything.  To take an exam, my wife has to pay for the scantron sheets.

Colleges make it difficult to purchase used text books because they are constantly changing the version.  Additionally, now they are making college text books specific to each school, so you can’t buy elsewhere.   There is no competition so they can charge you whatever they want for the books.

Then there’s the requirement to take classes unrelated to your field of study.  My wife is required to take classes, such as Music Appreciation, which is a complete waste of time and money.  

Every year tuition goes up which doesn’t keep up with salaries.  When you think about it, a class room is just a room with chairs, desks, and maybe some audio/video equipment.  One person can teach a class with hundreds of students, so why does cost keep going up so much each year?  Are the professor’s salaries going up that much?  I doubt it!  I understand that state colleges are getting less money from the government, but private colleges are also constantly increasing the prices, so that couldn’t be the reason.   Where is all the money going?

I’ve graduated from two universities; one for my bachelor and another for my masters.  Both schools call me non-stop for donations, yet they are constantly building new buildings.  Why not stop building all these new buildings to help keep costs down?  They claim they need donations from alumni’s which I believe is a sham!

Student Loans, now exceeding credit card debt, is another sham.  A student loan is the worst type of loan you can have, because there is no way to get rid of it, unless you pay if off or die.  You cannot file bankruptcy to get rid of federal student loan debt.  Many students graduate with ridiculous loans that will take those decades to pay off, like a mortgage.

The American college system is setup to milk you dry.  Education is very important, but it shouldn’t be a rip-off.  The American college system is a big scam.  As costs keep rising, something has to give.  The bubble will bust one day and the system will collapse.

Below is a very interesting video about the “College Conspiracy”.  Enjoy!

Turn Everyday Spending into College Savings

January 7, 2009 | Student Loans | No Comments

Worried about how to save for your child’s college education?  Consider using Upromise, which is a simple, yet powerful idea.

About 10 years ago Upromise was launched based on the premise that everyone should be able to afford a college education.

Today, with more than 9 million members, Upromise is making that a reality for many Americans.

The idea is so simple.

  • Create a college savings service that harnesses the purchasing power of parents, extended family, family, and students to make it easier to pay for college.
  • Members direct their spending to Upromise partners—including more than 600 online stores, 8,000+ restaurants, thousands of grocery and drugstore items—and earn money for college.

Powerful Results:

  • Everyone can earn money for college—parents with young children; family and friends that want to contribute; students and graduates with eligible student loans to pay.
  • Many members have earned hundreds even thousands of dollars for college with their everyday spending, and have been able to use those earnings to contribute toward college tuition, expenses, or loans–quicker and easier.

For more information visit

How to Borrow and Save Money for College

September 2, 2008 | Personal Loans | Save Money | Student Loans | 2 Comments

Let’s face it; going to college is very expensive and can become stressful trying to figure out how to pay for it.  If borrowing for college leaves you feeling lost, be assured that you are not alone.

With so many lenders offering so many versions of basic loan types, it can be hard to find the loan that’s best for you. Having options is great. But you need a guide to set you on the right path. To accomplish this, consider SimpleTuition.

SimpleTuition is designed to help find your ideal college loan, and to help you take action. SimpleTuition allows you to compare and apply for student loans from more than 20 lenders to make the best college funding choice for you and your family.

SimpleTuition also offers an objective, sortable, online comparison solution that will make your college borrowing choices a whole lot clearer. Behind their simple, straightforward navigation, a complex engine crunches real numbers to give you real results. SimpleTuition stand behind the accuracy of our results, because they know the importance of this decision for students and families.

Another company to consider is Upromise. Whether you’re preparing for a child to someday enter college, looking to offset the costs for a child currently working toward a degree, or wanting a faster way to repay existing college loans, Upromise will guide you.

Upromise allows you to earn college savings through eligible everyday spending. You can start a college savings plan which allows you to save money on your taxes.  With Upromise you can learn about ways to pay for college and they also offers special discounts, bonuses and money-saving offers.