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AmericaNet Bank Paying 5.25% APY for Checking Account

February 18, 2009 | Bank Rates | 1 Comment

Check out this great deal from AmericaNet Bank.  They are offering 5.25% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for opening up a Rewards Checking account. Interest earnings are calculated on your average daily balance of up to $25,000.  Amounts over $25,000 will earn 2.25% APY.

There is no minimum balance  required and the checking account comes with free online banking, free checking, free Visa check card, free ATM transaction worldwide and more.

You maybe asking yourself, “How can they offer this interest rate for a checking account?”  To get the 5.25% they require you to make at least 10 transactions with your AmericaNet Bank VISA Check Card each month and all statements are sent by e-mail.

At the end of your statement cycle, ATM fees charged by any bank worldwide are automatically refunded to your account in one lump sum.  At the same time, you will be paid interest earned by your account.

AmericaNet Bank is FDIC Protected and operated by All America Bank, a well-established Oklahoma bank operating since 1969.

For more information visit

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Get $25 to Open Etrade Savings Account – 2.50% APY

February 9, 2009 | Bank Rates | No Comments

Check out this great deal from Etrade.  They are offering a $25 bonus on their online savings account with a 2.5% APY.  Most traditional banks are paying nothing.  Currently, Bank of America’s Regular Savings pays 0.20% APY, Wells Fargo Goal Savings pays 0.05% APY and National Average pays 0.24% APY.  With Etrade paying 2.5%, that’s a lot more interest in your pocket.

There is no minimum; no account fees and you can transfer money for free with one-click transfers to and from any institution. All you need is $1 to open an account.  Visit Etrade to find out more.