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About Me  

Welcome to Money Cake! My name is Patrick.  I started this Blog so I could share tips on managing money.  I’ve always felt that there were two things high schools and colleges lacked in teaching; living healthy via proper diet,  exercise and money management.

With health and money management it’s all about having a good foundation.   If people are educated upfront on how to live a healthy life and manage their money, they will reap the rewards when they got older.  Knowledge is Power!

Unfortunately, many of us learn too late.  By the time many of us reach 40 years old, we are unfit and living from paycheck-to-paycheck, and by then it’s very difficult to reverse direction.

However, don’t fear, Money Cake is here to help you manage your finances and save money!  From banking, credit cards, personal loans, credit repair,  credit reporting and financial tips to my miscellaneous ramblings about anything I find interesting.  If you have bad credit, are struggling with debt or need a personal loan, I’ve created an education section to help educate you.  I’m no expert, but over the years I feel I’ve learned a lot about managing money and life in general.

I’m a Mechanical Engineer/MBA by trade and own other websites you can see at POB Enterprises.  I am married to a wonderful woman who is attending college full-time for nursing.  We have a very active 2 year old son together. 

I encourage you to leave comments if you find an article interesting, have questions or just want to give your opinion.  Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.  You can also follow me on Twitter!

Thank you for visiting Money Cake!


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