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How to Keep Your Auto Insurance Low

December 10, 2013 | Insurance | No Comments

Most individuals who are looking for auto insurance in Phoenix want to pay the lowest rate they can while still obeying the laws of their state. One of the things a person can do to qualify for a low auto insurance payment is to maintain a clean driving record. A person with no traffic accidents is a better risk for an insurance company than a person with several accidents. Look at a few of the simple precautions a person can take to decrease the chances they will be in a traffic accident.

First, a person should have no distractions when he or she is driving. This means that a person should never text when driving. Talking on the cellphone, hands-free or not, is also a distraction. A driver who pulls over into a parking lot to make a call is making a decision that may help him or her to avoid causing or being in an accident.

Next, it’s a wise habit for a driver to stay at least a car’s length behind the person in front. Even if the road is perfectly clear, this distance gives a driver the few extra seconds he or she needs to possibly avoid an accident. This distance is even more important to maintain in the changing road conditions that can occur during a thunderstorm or a snowstorm. A driver who wants to maintain a clean driving record (and receive low monthly rates for auto insurance) will take every reasonable precaution on the road.

Taking good care of a car’s tires is another thing a person can do to improve his or her safety on the road. Tires with low tread do not have as much traction as well-maintained tires. This traction can help a person while he or she is driving in the rain, snow or ice. A person who is able to safely maneuver his or her car during inclement weather is less likely to get into an accident.

Finally, a driver who pays attention to what is in his or her blind spot is less likely to get into a traffic accident. Many accidents are caused when a person tries to turn or change lanes without checking the blind spot on the driver’s side. Cars can soundlessly approach and cruise in a driver’s blind spot. It’s wise for a driver to monitor that area as he or she progresses down the road.





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