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Are You Considering Getting an MBA Online?

September 27, 2013 | Financial Tips | No Comments

Have you ever considered applying for an MBA degree online? A large number of students choose to pursue an MBA to learn new skills and boost their professional life. It can take up to five years to earn this degree. There are many online schools and campus-based institutions that provide MBA programs at an affordable price. Students can learn from the comfort of their home, set their own schedule, and keep their full time job during school.

Are Online MBA Degrees Worth It?

Most people who enroll in online MBA programs are looking for convenience or flexibility in time management. These programs are especially attractive to mid-career professionals. Once you join these classes, you can study online without traveling from place to another. Students can complete course work, view lectures, and connect with their pears on the Internet. Distance learning MBA programs take 10 to 15 months to complete. Prices vary from one university to another. Earning this degree online can cost you anywhere from $7,000 to $119,000.

Students who enroll in online MBA programs can increase their earning potential and gain new skills without leaving the workforce. Internet-based universities provide a greater degree of flexibility than traditional schools. The technology used for online programs is quite advanced. You have access to online textbooks, educational tools, forums, chat boards, and interactive software.

This postgraduate degree is extremely popular among entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to advance in their careers and even lead multinational corporations. Many universities offer scholarships or educational assistance to their best students. In order to apply for an online MBA program, you need a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, a resume, two letters of recommendation, and a GMAT score of at least 550. The admission process differs from one school to the next. Some universities and colleges require work experience, while others may accept TOEFEL or GMAT scores instead.

How to Choose the Best MBA Program

Before applying for an online MBA program, do in-depth research and ask for references. If possible, choose a regionally accredited institution. Norwich University’s online MBA is trusted by thousands of professionals from all around the world. Students who enroll in this program can earn an MBA degree in as little as 24 months. They can choose a concentration in finance, organizational leadership, or project management. Relevant coursework, technical support, and professional journals are available to those who join this program.





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