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My New 4G Android-Powered LG Esteem with MetroPCS

January 7, 2012 | My Ramblings | Services | Videos | 10 Comments

My wife and I recently upgraded our cell phones.  For about 7.5 years my wife and I had Sprint paying about $62/month total.  Over the years I looked into upgrading to a smartphone but just couldn’t justify going from $62/month to at least $130/month for 2 phones.  I figured we’d just wait until prices dropped a bit.  Additionally, if I ever switched to a smartphone I wanted everything to be unlimited.  I didn’t want to monitor my data, minutes and text messaging fearing additional charges.

After much research I found the best deal with MetroPCS.  For $80/month total (includes tax and fees), my wife and I get unlimited everything (minutes, data and text).  However, I got a smartphone, the LG Esteem and my wife got a regular phone, the LG Beacon.  My plan is $50/month and my wife’s plan is $40/month, however, since we are on a family plan, we each get a $5 discount which drops the price to $80/month.  The LG Esteem costs $249 after a $100 rebate and the LG Beacon costs $39 after a $30 rebate.

The Phone

I must admit that I’m extremely satisfied with the LG Esteem.  I absolutely love the phone and it has exceeded my expectations.  The screen is big at 4.3”, crisp and bright.  If you are looking for a small phone, this phone isn’t it.  I considered a smaller phone, but couldn’t resist the screen size.

The menus are well thought out and extremely easy to navigate.  I like the GPS navigation which is big improvement to our old Garmin GPS.  Voice recognition used in various software and features such as text messaging is very good.  The camera takes very good pictures and video quality is excellent.

The LG Esteem features 4G LTE connectivity, Android Platform 2.3 Ginerbread, 4.3” touch screen with damage resistant Gorilla Glass, 1.3 MP front-facing camera, 5 MP camera with 720p HD Video, HDMI Output and Dolby Audio.

The one disadvantage to the LG Esteem is battery life isn’t that great.  If you use the phone a lot you may have to recharge after about 5 to 7 hours.  If or when I have to change the battery I may consider purchasing an extended battery, however, it will make the phone bulkier.


Fortunately, 4G service is available in my city so streaming video is flawless and browsing the web is fast.  MetroPCS 4G is only available in 14 cities which include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, North Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, LA/Bakersfield, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento and San Francisco.  If you don’t live in one of these cities or travel a lot, getting 4G service will be an issue, however, I’m certain over time additional cities will be added.

MetroPCS claims their phone service covers 90% of the U.S.  We recently drove from Atlanta to Chicago and never witnessed any loss of signal or dropped call.  Sound quality was always good anytime we made a phone call.  Although there was no 4G service outside Atlanta checking email and sending text messages was never slow.


So far I’m very happy with the LG Esteem and with MetroPCS’s service.  For $45/month, I get unlimited minutes, text, data, picture messaging, international text messaging, GPS navigation, 4G (if available) and much more.  You sure can’t beat the price.  The larger carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint) charges much more for these services but have better 3G/4G coverage than MetroPCS.   However to me, the savings more than offset this fact.

The downside to the LG Esteem is battery life and the availability of 4G in limited markets.  However, if you are fortunate to live in a city where 4G is offered and don’t travel too much, this is a non-issue.  If 4G isn’t available, you can always connect to Wi-Fi to get similar 4G speeds.

Overall, I highly recommend MetroPCS and the LG Esteem.  You won’t be disappointed.

One last thing, overall, my wife is very pleased with the LG Beacon and her service as well.  

Update (Added 2-5-2012):  Due to some of the comments below about MetroPCS’s 4G Service, I made the quick video below  highlighting the 4G Service in the Atlanta area.  (Sorry about the audio!)





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10 Comments to “My New 4G Android-Powered LG Esteem with MetroPCS”

  1. PF
    3:16 am on January 30th, 2012

    You are either an employee of Metro Pcs or LG. The Esteem is a piece of garbage! I’ve had nothing but problems with it since I bought it! It constantly reboots even after updating to the svc fix! LG says I have to send them my phone and they may or may not repair it. So what am I supposed to do about a phone in the meantime? According to LG, it isn’t their problem! Metro Pcs won’t replace it either! Also, the battery dies in under 3hours even with WiFi and Bluetooth shut off!
    As for 4g service: it doesn’t exist. I live in San Francisco and only get data via the ‘no-g’ service for about 10 minutes in a month if I’m lucky! I can’t use the navigation app without the data service!
    Many people have the same problems as I do. So do yourself a favor and don’t buy anything that is made by LG.
    By the way Metro and LG, don’t be surprised by the class-action lawsuit headed your way!

  2. Patrick
    6:14 pm on January 30th, 2012

    Wow, your experience is far different from mine. PF I can assure you I don’t work for MetroPCS or LG.

    My phone has rebooted a few times for no reason. It happened maybe 5 times in the about 2 months. The 4G in Atlanta does works flawlessly. I have watched movies and videos and it streams with no problem. I listen to Pandora and Google Music at the gym and it plays the music tracks with no problem. I drove from Atlanta to Chicago and the GPS worked fine. The only problem is that every once in while the GPS program would close for no reason.

    My battery last more than 3 hours, at about 5-7 hours, which is annoying. What’s weird is that when I listen to music streamed via 4G the battery seems to last longer, which is weird.

    I guess 4G in SF isn’t working as it should. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your smartphone and service. But overall I’m happy with the smartphone and MetroPCS service.

  3. La'Toya
    7:19 am on January 31st, 2012

    I’ve been with Metro PCS since I was 11 and all I can say is that they have improved tremendously! I recently purchased the LG Esteem and I’m very satisfied. My only complaints would have to be the battery life along with my 4G tripping out at times. I love the big screen and the front facing camera. All my apps work fine and I can even listen to Pandora without any interruptions! This phone is definitely worth the money.
    La’Toya recently posted..Why Americans Pay So Much for Brand-Name Drugs (And Canadians Don’t) InfographicMy Profile

  4. Steve
    4:30 am on February 2nd, 2012

    Phone sucks! Constantly locks up & crashes!! I never dropped it or got it wet & have a case on it in case it falls! Many times i’ve shut it down & it wouldn’t completely shut down. Have to take the battery out to shut it down! Save your money & wait for Samsung!!

  5. works great
    10:27 am on March 1st, 2012

    Works fine that’s odd I’ve never had it reboot…. Not once. I do noticE that the bat life is pretty whack. The stock screen protector on it is garbage and already broken in about a month of careful use i placed my charger down and the charging cable fell, mind you it fell a distance of less than a foot, and now i have to rip the screen protector off because it put a huge scratch on the plastic thin layered finger print collective garbage called a screen protector that came on it… The phone is fine i love it and use it every day. Don’t know what everyonE including the author are talking about…best phone metro PCs has right now…

    Sending thisfrom opera on the lg esteem :-)

  6. Linda
    6:47 pm on March 1st, 2012

    We have had NOTHING but TROUBLE with our EXPENSIVE LG ESTEEM PHONES and TERRIBLE METROPCS SERVICE..we have spent over $1200 (Oct 2011) on three LG ESTEEM phones–have sent 2 out of three back in TWICE for shabby service–continue to have issues. CLASS ACTION here we come…shame on METRO and LG for selling crappy phones and crappy service.

  7. Patrick
    10:45 pm on March 1st, 2012

    Wow! It seems like there is no in-between when it comes to the LG Esteem. Seems like you either love it or hate it!

    10:32 pm on March 6th, 2012

    Man I love this phone it works great for me. I admit there is a problem with the battery life. Can tell how long the battery last for though. Cuz I’m laid off a work right now I’m always around my charger lol. The only real problem I have so far is that my Phone will not stream hdmi From phone to tv anymore. I plug in the cable and it tells me (Incapable Video feed Check video output setting) But there are no video output setting except one And my hdmi is turned on. So if anybody knows how to fix that let me know. In the meantime I have to keep trying to fix it myself.

  9. Toni
    9:55 am on April 8th, 2012

    I recently left T-mobile and went back to Metro PCS. I was an Metro customer for under 2 months last summer and left necause of the crappy Huawei Ascend and their crappy service. I switched last week and boight and LG Esteem. My first impression of the service is that the 4G in Orlando works well, as for the phone which I bought on 4/4/12 my impressions were the same until yesterday when the touch screen would not respond. Taking the battery out did nothing, Metro corp store people could fix it and gave me a new phone. Lost all of my contacts for not having addtnl sd card

  10. Toni
    10:06 am on April 8th, 2012

    Continued: while it was a hassel to replace my phone (had to leave work a few times) at one of the two (only two corporate stores in Orlando) there was no problem in replacing the defetive phone. I didn’t drop, spill anything or otherwise harm the phone. I put it on the charger at work, took it off to use the phone and it would not leave the front lock screen. I took the battery out 9+ times to reset and nothing. It just stopped working three days after purchase. Apprehension about replacement as to whether or not it too will suddenly develope the defective touchscreen…

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