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Shop Around for Medical Procedures with

November 7, 2011 | Healthcare | Save Money | No Comments

If you need to have a medical, vision or dental procedure it’s always a good idea to shop around because we all know healthcare is very expensive.  One service that makes this easy is is an online marketplace that connects consumers with healthcare providers. allows consumers to easily compare and negotiate pricing for medical, dental and vision procedures in a specified location in the United Sates while providers benefit from getting new patients who are willing to pay directly, out of pocket to the provider for their services. 

Procedures listed on the include the following:

  • Dental (teeth cleaning, crowns, fillings, braces, whitening, etc.)
  • Common and preventative medical procedures (physicals, mammograms, vaccines, x-rays, etc.)
  • Vision (glasses, contacts, LASIK surgery, eye exams, etc.)
  • Cosmetic (liposuction, breast enhancement, Botox, face lift, etc.)
  • Weight loss (dieticians, nutritionists, etc.)
  • Chiropractic (back and neck pain, arthritis, soreness, sports injuries, etc.)
  •  General well-being (acupuncture, hearing aids, physical therapy, massages, etc.) makes it easy to match patients and doctors by:

  • Locating and reviewing providers in your area
  • Optimizing office scheduling and management
  • Comparing cost for office visits and procedures
  • Finding competitive pricing for best case healthcare


Within the web site you can “Make Offer” and “Name Your Price”, which allows consumers to negotiate with providers the cost of their procedures. 

For more information visit PriceDoc.





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