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Make Millions Selling eBooks on ClickBank

August 15, 2011 | Cool Stuff | My Ramblings | 1 Comment

If you are an expert on a topic or even have a passion for a certain topic that you think people would love to learn, then write and sell an eBook to make money.  There are many people doing this and making decent money with it.  Some people hit it out the park by making a significant about of money.

People sell eBooks about the most mundane things such as “Worm Farming” to “How to Pick up Women” and believe it or not, people buy these products.  The great thing about an eBook is that there is little to no overhead.  No need to pay a printer to make hard copies or a distributor to distribute your books.  eBooks can be purchased and downloaded to your computer within seconds.  No need to find an agent or publisher.  You can do it all yourself!

Take for example Jacob Hiller who wrote an eBook called “The Jump Manual” which is a very simple guide on how to increase your vertical jump mostly for volleyball and basket ball players.

Mr. Hiller has sold over $1 million worth of this book and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN and Men’s Health.

Mr. Hiller’s success really started out by luck.  He first posted a video on YouTube on giving tips on how to jump higher.  The video responded well to viewers and as a result Mr. Hiller created a website and then the eBook.

He initially gave the eBook away for free until he realized how well people liked it and started selling the eBook for $15 via PayPal.  He then placed the eBook on ClickBank, increased the price to $67 with an option for jump coaching services for an additional $9/month.  Currently, the eBook sells between 500 and 1,000 copies per month, grossing up to $75,000 per month. (FYI: ClickBank is an online retail for digital products which about 100,000 active affiliate marketers who help sell these products for commission.)

Below is a video of how Mr. Hiller got started with a very simple idea and made it into a million dollar business.  If you have an idea, you too can do it!





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One Comment to “Make Millions Selling eBooks on ClickBank”

  1. joe
    12:48 pm on March 11th, 2012

    Very good video and advice. Thanks so much. This is very valuable for me.

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