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Networking is Vital to Success in Business

September 20, 2010 | My Ramblings | No Comments

The old adage, “It’s all about who you know!” is so true.  Years ago, at my first engineering summer internship, I got my first assignment and wanted to do an excellent job.  I don’t recall what the assignment was, but I remember immediately getting some books to help find the solution.  My supervisor saw what I was doing and pulled me aside and told me, “You don’t need to find the information in a book.  You just need to contact Mr. A for this, Mr. B for this and Mr. C for the other. These guys are the experts.  They can immediately point you in the right direction.”

I immediately learned that there is always an expert out there to help you.  Sure books are good, but there is nothing like someone to immediately give you the correct specific piece of information, answer your questions or point you in the right direction if they can’t give you all the answers.  

This holds true today in business.  If you are looking to start or grow your business, you need to network!  Sure there are many books, seminars and free/paid information on the Internet to help you, but there is nothing like getting advice from an experienced individual who can help you cut through the clutter and point you in the right direction immediately.

Additionally, people feel more comfortable helping you when they meet you in person.  Communicating my email or phone isn’t enough.  Face to face discussions have a much better chance of building a successful relationship.

When I look back in my years of trying to make money online, the opportunities where I made “decent” money was with help and information provided from people I knew.  Some I actually met in person, some I met online.

About 3 years ago I got an email for an Affiliate Manager telling me I should consider an opportunity. I saw the opportunity before in my affiliate account but never paid any attention to it. I sent her an email that I would take a look at it but had no expectations.  I then started to promote the offer and to my surprise I immediately starting making $30+/day profit.  I was able to scale that opportunity to about $300+ per day profit for several months.  If she never sent me the email encouraging me I would have never considered that opportunity.

A couple years ago I decided to attend an Affiliate conference primarily to network with people in the industry.  I ended up meeting a software company representative who told me he would give me $5,000 and build me a micro-website to start promoting their product.  At first I was very skeptical, but sure enough in a couple of months $5,000 was deposited in my account and the micro-website delivered to me.  I still promote the micro-website today and to-date has made several thousand dollars from that opportunity.

Years ago when I first thought of using the Internet to make money I met a gentleman at an Internet Meeting who told me about open source ecommerce platforms.  At the time I had no clue what open source software was.  Open Source Software is simply free software for anyone can use.  I grew curios and as a result I ended up opening several ecommerce stores that have generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue over the years.

I’ve read numerous forum posts and blog posts by individuals of how to make money online and have implemented some of their strategies that have made me money.  I’ve befriended people who have given me tips and tricks that I implemented and have made me money.

Very few people become successful on their own.  Many successful people were helped along the way.  Bill Gates I’m certain had help for many people to build Microsoft in the company it is today.

I’ve come to realize that networking is extremely important in business.  Forming business friendships/relationships is extremely vital to your success.  Collaboration is also extremely important because no one person knows everything.  I haven’t done much collaboration; however, I’m hoping in the future to collaborate on larger scale projects.

One strategic mistake I’ve made over the years isn’t networking enough.  For the first few years I did everything by myself.  If I had it to do over again, I’d be more aggressive in networking with people.  Working isn’t the way to go!





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