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Born-to-Sell Helps You Make Money with Covered Calls

September 11, 2010 | Stocks | No Comments

If you own stocks, a strategy to make some money off your stocks besides selling at a profit, is using a technique called “covered calls”.  So what’s a covered call?  A covered call is simply you selling the rights to your stocks.  Someone may purchase on option to purchase your stocks at a certain price on a certain date in the future.  The benefit to you is that you get cash up front for your shares.  The benefit to the option buyer is that they don’t have to use a lot of money to purchase your quantity of stocks.  They simply purchase the right to purchase the shares at a later date which is much cheaper than buying the stocks today.

The disadvantage to selling an option for someone to buy your stocks (covered call) is that if your stock appreciates greatly in value, you will end up selling your stock for a lower price.  However, if the option isn’t executed because the value of the stock hasn’t appreciated enough, you get to keep your stocks.

So where do you start?  Consider using “Born to Sell” covered call investment tools subscription service to help you identify and research trades, track your portfolio and maximize the time premium you receive each month.

Born to Sell offers a free tutorial on how to use covered call strategy to generate recurring monthly income.  They also offer a covered call screener, that helps people select trades, and covered call portfolio management, that helps people maximize the amount of time premium they receive each month. Born to Sell offers a no-obligation 2 week free trial  so you have nothing to lose.

The company is a Silicon Valley based software development company that develops easy to use covered call investment tools.  The company sole focus is in the covered calls niche market.  They are not a broker and you do not place trades with them.  

To find out more about covered calls and how their service works, visit





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