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What Does Healthcare Reform Mean for Your State?

April 9, 2010 | Healthcare | Videos | No Comments

After decades of back and forth bickering and debate, health reform is now law in the United States, thanks to Barack Obama and all the Democrats who fought hard for this change.

So what does healthcare reform mean for you? It means an end to the worst insurance company abuses, new rules that treat everyone fairly, and more choices and affordable health insurance for millions of Americans.

At there is a very interesting video of what Healthcare Reform Means for you. The video highlights how Healthcare Reform will affect your state.  

For example, benefits of healthcare reform in Georgia means:

  • In Georgia alone 222,085 people with pre-existing conditions will not longer be denied coverage
  • Tax credits for 897,000 people
  • Tax cuts for 106,000 small businesses
  • 30,100 families will be saved from bankruptcy in just one year
  • 1.7 uninsured will now be insured
  • More choices and more control over their healthcare


You can learn more about benefits reform in your state at

Below is a video of supporters of Healthcare Reform.

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