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SunTrust Bank Offering $150 to Open Checking Account with Bill Pay

March 3, 2010 | Banking | No Comments

SunTrust Bank is offering up to $150 for opening a checking account before April 30, 2010 and paying your bills online using SunTrust Online Banking with Bill Pay.  

You must pay 3 bills online within the first 2 months after opening your checking account and SunTrust will deposit $50 into your account.  If you continue to make 3 online payments each month for 3 consecutive months, Suntrust will deposit an additional $100 to your account.  (View step-by-step video of the offer and requirements).

This offer is only for new customers; however, if you opened a checking account after January 31, 2010 you can still register your account to be eligible for the bonus.  To sign up visit





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