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Healthcare Reform Polls Makes No Sense

February 24, 2010 | Healthcare | 3 Comments

We keep hearing in the media that Americans overall oppose President Obama’s healthcare plan 51% to 37% which amazes me.  However, according to a Newsweek Poll, Americans overwhelmingly favor specific provisions in Obama’s healthcare plan, which includes:

  • 73% want businesses to offer healthcare insurance
  • 78% favor insurance companies cover everyone regardless of their health
  • 81% like the idea of insurance exchanges


However, when those polled were told that these provisions are apart of Obama’s plan support only jumps to 10%.  This just makes no sense.  

It seems many American’s are unaware of why healthcare reform is needed and what it entails.  They aren’t concerned about healthcare because they aren’t ill or have a job that provides coverage.   It’s all about every man for himself.  It seems many Americans aren’t concerned about their fellow uninsured neighbors!  Unfortunately, when something goes bad (illness, loss of job, coverage denied) then they realize how screwed up our healthcare system is.  By then its too late! 





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3 Comments to “Healthcare Reform Polls Makes No Sense”

  1. Garth
    1:27 am on February 26th, 2010

    The disconnect between the 2 sets of numbers comes from the “sales job” that is taking place by the Republicans and the “powers that be” in the current system.

    People are being led to believe that under the proposed reformed system they won’t be able to choose their own doctors, their extent of care will be controlled by so-called “Death Panels” and other similarly disingenuous “facts.” As with any and all other significant changes, there are those who are intent on preserving the status quo (because it benefits them) and those who recognize that a two-tier system is unfair. An analogous situation can be found voting rights debates of the past.

    The other factor that is in play for this discrepancy of statistics is the inertia factor. Specifically, people would rather deal with the proverbial devil that they know as opposed to taking a chance on a new situation.

    Just my $0.02.

  2. Patrick
    11:04 am on February 26th, 2010

    Garth I totally agree with you!

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