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Tips for Purchasing Energy Efficient Home Appliances

October 22, 2009 | Financial Tips | No Comments

Green appliances for your home can put money in your pocket.  Household appliances account for about one third of your homes energy consumption excluding heating and cooling.  Green appliances also help the planet!

Energy efficient appliances often are more expensive; however, you’ll make the money back because eco-friendly appliances use up to 30% less energy.  Eco-friendly appliances are usually better designed, such as clothes washers holding more clothes, dryers that are more efficient and stoves that heat up faster.  This all adds to the hundreds and eventually thousands of dollars in savings over the years.

Washing Machines
Front loading washers save money because they use less water and less energy saving you about $100 per year.  Front loaders use considerably less detergent which is gentler on your clothes.  This allows you to save on detergent and your clothes lasting longer.

Clothes Dryers
Save money by choosing a model with a moisture sensor that will shut off the unit when your clothes are dry.  This saves on electricity and saves your clothes and linens from unnecessary destructive overheating.  Stay away from dryers that measure the temperature of the exhaust air to determine when the laundry is dry.  These units are not as effective.

Choose a dishwasher that gives you the option to use the heated dry function, which allows your dishes to air dry thus saving you money.  In the winter time you can open the dishwasher door to release warm air that will humidify you home.  An internal water heater will allow you to increase the water temperature when needed allowing you to turn down the temperature of your home’s water heater thus saving you money.  Finally, find a model that uses less water.  This can reduce your water consumption by 1,000 gallons per year and electricity usage by up to 25%.

Water Heaters
About 14% of a household energy cost goes to the water heater, according to the Department of Energy.  Unfortunately, the majority of the money used to power your water heater maybe going right down the drain because traditional water heaters fill to capacity and heat the entire tank.  Your home may not need as much heated water.  You can avoid this waste by installing a tankless water heater that heats the water on demand.  A gas fired tankless water heater can pump 5 gallons per minute keeping up with the busiest family.  Electrical tankless water heater cost between 10% and 20% less per year to operate than a tank-based heater, according to the National Association of Home Builder.

Your refrigerator is most likely the most power hungry appliance compared to the ones listed above.  An old refrigerator can cost you about $300 per year in electricity cost.  Purchasing a smaller unit will reduce your electricity cost.  Find a model with the freezer on the top or bottom because these units use 13% to 16% less energy than units that are side-by-side.  If you can give up the icemaker and cold water dispenser, this will reduce your energy by 13% to 20%.  Models with an “anti-sweat” heater to eliminate moisture on the exterior will add 5% to 10% in energy consumption.





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