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Save Money by Watching TV With Your Computer

October 27, 2009 | Financial Tips | No Comments

With the Internet you can really save money on certain services like your telephone by using Skype and Magic Jack.

You can also get rid of your satellite or cable service for a one time fee of $49.95 with Satellite Direct TV. All you need is to download software to your computer.  You don’t need a satellite dish, receiver or any additional equipment.  All you need is Internet connection and the software.   With some additional equipment you can record and watch the service on your television.

The service features:

  • No subscriptions or monthly fees
  • No hardware to install
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Access to over 3,500 high definition (HD channels
  • 24/7 unlimited access
  • Auto Channel Updates
  • Available on Mac and PC

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