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Can Negative Information on Your Credit Report Be Erased?

October 21, 2009 | Credit Repair | No Comments

Good news, yes negative information on your credit report can be erased.  The fact is everyday negative credit listings are deleted from individual’s credit reports by the thousands every day.  However, these individuals did get some help.

Lexington Law has reported helping clients remove about 50,000 negative credit listings in about two years.  However, this doesn’t include bankruptcies that can’t be deleted.

Well how is this possible?  It’s possible because the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows consumers to challenge the information on their credit reports on the basis of “completeness and accuracy.”

When a consumer files a dispute, the credit bureaus must contact the source of the credit information (the creditor) and confirm that the information is accurate, verifiable, and not obsolete.

However, in some circumstances, the credit bureau is required to go beyond a simple verification of the creditor’s own computer record. If within 30 days the credit bureau has not received verification from the creditor, then the credit bureau must promptly delete the credit listing.

To help clean up your credit report consider contacting Lexington Law is a law firm that has been around for 17 years that specializes in credit repair. They has served thousands of clients since 1991. Lexington Law works closely with credit bureaus and creditors to help clients clean up their credit. The process is simple; you give Lexington Law all the information they need, you then sit back and relax and they will go to work for you.





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