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Manage Your Health Information with Google Health

September 25, 2009 | Healthcare | Videos | No Comments

Google has launched Google Health to allow you to store and manage all of your health information in one central place (see video below). It’s completely free and all you need to get started is a Google username and password. With Google Health, you manage your health information, and you can access it anywhere, at any time.

Google Health allows you to:

  • Keep your doctors up-to-date
  • Stop filling out the same paperwork every time you see a new doctor
  • Avoid getting the same lab tests done over and over again because your doctor cannot get copies of your latest results
  • Don’t lose your medical records because of a move, change in jobs or health insurance
  • Share your health information securely with a family member, caregiver, or doctor

Google believes that you own your medical records and should have easy access to them. The way we see it, it’s your information; why shouldn’t you control it?  For more information visit





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