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Why Aren’t Americans Mad About their Healthcare System?

June 25, 2009 | Healthcare | My Ramblings | 2 Comments

It amazes me that most Americans aren’t angry about our existing healthcare system.  I consider healthcare the biggest threat to most people financial well-being.  Most Americans don’t realize that a catastrophic illness or accident can easily bankrupt them even if they have health insurance.  

Consider this; treatment of the average breast-cancer patient costs $66,489 according to a MSN Money Central report.  If your insurance covers 80% of the bill, you are left to pay 20% which is $13,297.80.  If you are fortunate to have health insurance paying 90% of the bill, then you are left to pay $6,648.90. These costs depend on your financial wellbeing.  If you are a high income earner or have $100,000 saved in the bank, it’s not that bad.  But if you are the average American living from paycheck-to-paycheck, these costs are extremely high.  Plus with the current economy where many people are out of work, these costs can easily bankrupt you!

I praise President Obama for trying to restructure our healthcare system; however, it seems that most people don’t realize the seriousness of the problem until they run into problems.

If you are healthy, have a job and money saved in the bank, and then you may not pay attention to the problem.  However, the minute something happens to you (major illness or serious accident) and the bills start to roll in; you’ll then become aware of the problem.  But the problem is, by then its too late for you to do anything.
If more Americans were upset or concerned about the serious flaws in our healthcare system, we’d vote people into office who were serious about fixing the problems and vote-out the ones that aren’t.  We’d protest, have marches and demonstrations until it was fixed!

I’m so happy John McCain didn’t win the election because it was clear that he had no desire to fix the problem.  He didn’t see healthcare as a major threat to the long term stability of the American economy.  When asked if he thought healthcare was a privilege, a right or a responsibility?   He stated it was the responsibility of the individual.  President Obama stated it was a “right” for every American.  He stated for the richest country to have people go bankrupt because of an illness is wrong.  He spoke of how his mother who died at age 53 had to argue with her insurance company in the last months of her life from her hospital room over whether or not she had a pre-existing condition is fundamentally wrong.  President Obama clearly understands the system is broken and needs to be fixed!

Last night President Obama gave a prime-time interview moderated by Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer of ABC News on healthcare and I was very impressed with the interview.  I’ve always believed the best way to get your ideas to implementation is to first sell it to the people involved.  If you try to ram your ideas down people’s throats you will fail.  President Obama’s strategy of selling his ideas in “town-hall meetings” is an excellent strategy.  When he’s able to convince the majority of Americans that his ideas will work, then it will become easier to implement.  President Obama has my full support!  I sincerely hope he succeeds.





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2 Comments to “Why Aren’t Americans Mad About their Healthcare System?”

  1. Garth Daley
    10:39 am on January 20th, 2010

    As you said, the problem is most people only think of their current situation and don’t think of “what if…” They don’t realise that with the current system even if you change jobs, the insurance company at your new employer in most cases will not provide immediate coverage and can refuse to cover any pre-existing condition or only agree to cover it at a lower rate than the regular plan calls for.

    Too many people, including some of the Democratic Senators and Congresspersons, are taking a “what’s in it for me” approach to looking at the situation and the proposed solution.

    Thank goodness the COBRA situation has been improved otherwise things could be a lot worse in the country with declared foreclosures and bankruptcies.

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