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Progressive “MyRate” Could Lower Your Auto Insurance

May 18, 2009 | Insurance | No Comments

Progressive has a program called “MyRate” that offers safe and/or occasional drivers to chance to lower their car insurance. MyRate is a one-of-a kind, behavior-based car insurance program that lets drivers save money based on how they drive. Drivers who choose to sign up for MyRate receive a small wireless device that plugs into a port in their car and measures how, how much and when the car is being driven.

Cars driven less often, in less risky ways and at less risky times of day could receive a lower premium.  Progressive’s MyRate Program lets drivers pay based on how, how much and when their car is driven.  The service is available in several sates that purchase policies from Progressive online, by phone, or through its more than 1,100 independent insurance agencies in the state.  The MyRate program will continue to be rolled out to more states in 2009, pending state regulatory approval.

So how does it work? When you enroll a vehicle in the MyRate, Progressive will send you a MyRate device that plugs into your car.
Drive as you normally would. The MyRate device wirelessly and securely sends information about when, how much and how you drive your car to help determine your rate at renewal. You can log into your account and see how well you’re driving.  You can also track your projected renewal rate based on your driving behavior by logging also logging into your account at

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