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MSNBC 10 Tips to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill

April 21, 2009 | Financial Tips | Videos | No Comments

MSNBC today reported that the average cell-phone user spends about $600 a year on cell phone service, while families that talk, text, or use other phone features spend about $1,800. The larger the bill, the higher are the service taxes and surcharges, which can add an additional 14.5 percent to the bill.

However, if you are diligent you can end up trimming your cell phone bill, per the following recommendations (See news video below):

1. Go prepaid
2. Don’t overbuy minutes
3. Don’t buy unneeded services
4. Buy enough of what you use
5. Check for employee discounts
6. Make temporary adjustments
7. Have your usage analyzed
8. Get local service
9. Choose the best carrier
10. Say no to phone insurance

Visit Today.MSNBC.Com to read full article.

Video: Trimming Your Cell Phone Bill





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