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A Borg Brainwashed by Society!

April 13, 2009 | My Ramblings | No Comments

Sometimes I feel brainwashed by society.  From birth I have been conditioned to go to kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college, graduate, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kid(s), invest in my 401k, plan for retirement, save for an emergency, go on vacation once per year, buy life insurance, buy medical insurance, follow the laws, pay taxes, exercise, eat right, clean my teeth every six months, get periodic medical checkups, practice safe sex, retire at 65, move to Florida, enjoy retirement, then die a comfortable death.  Many times I feel I’m playing this “playbook” right down the middle with no deviation!

The media teaches us how we should live our lives.  The media loves to highlight people who struggle by not following the rules.  Growing up, whenever, I saw these people; I paid attention and told myself I must follow the rules to stay out of trouble.  The problem with following the “rules” set by society is that I’ve grown to feel I have completely assimilated into society.  I’ve become a cog in the wheel.  I’ve become a Borg!

Remember the Borg on the TV shows, “The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Voyager”? These shows were spin-offs of the Star Trek franchise.  The Borg is a fictional pseudo-race of cybernetic organisms that would go across the universe and get people to assimilate into their society.  Their tag line was “Resistance is Futile”, so you had better assimilate.  I have become a Borg because I have never resisted and I have completely assimilated into American society.  

Sometimes I feel like I want to make a detour, go a different route and no longer assimilate.  Sell everything, cash out, downgrade my lifestyle, live on the beach with my family, teach people how to scuba dive and that’s it.   But now I have a wife, a child and bills.  I have been conditioned by society that I must pay my mortgage on time, save for my child’s education, buy medical insurance, etc.  I better play it safe and not deviate because I could lose all these things that I must have to survive in this society.

At times I remind myself I shouldn’t complain.  I should be very happy and grateful for what I have. Society has created a very good lifestyle for me.  By following the rules, I live a fairly comfortable life.  I have access to good roads, highways, bridges, electricity, indoor plumbing, temperature controlled home, a good job, all the food I can eat, education, the best medical care the world (although expensive), police, fire station, 911, ambulance, cable TV, Internet, cell phones, gyms, vacations, clothes, relative safety, savings, money in a 401K, etc.  In all my life I’ve never gone to bed hungry or without shelter. I remind myself that many people in other countries don’t have access to these luxuries.  As an American I can easily travel to almost anywhere on the planet.  Many citizens of other countries can’t do that.

Nevertheless, sometimes I feel brainwashed by society.  Stepping out of the box to take a risk and live the true life I desire is risky because society has brainwashed me in believing I need to play by the rules to keep and maintain what I have. Oh well, I guess I’m a Borg!





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