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13 Things to Know About Unemployment Insurance

April 4, 2009 | Financial Tips | 2 Comments

Currently, 12.5 million people are out of work and it’s expected that millions more will be laid off in the coming months. 

The United States unemployment rate is currently at 8.5%, which is a 25 year high.  As a result, millions are receiving, applying or will be applying for unemployment insurance.

If you are concerned about getting laid off there are a few things you should be aware of which include:

  1. Unemployment insurance was created to help employees who lost there job through no fault of their own to receive a temporary income until they found a new job,  received approved training, or awaiting for a recall to employment.
  2. Unemployment insurance insurance are funded by taxes paid by employers and not by employees. 
  3. You must have earned sufficient wages during a specified time to be eligible for unemployment insurance.  
  4. You must meet certain legal eligibility requirements to collect unemployment insurance.
  5. If you quit your job, you cannot collect unemployment insurance.  You must have been laid off to collect.
  6. There is no deadline to apply for unemployment insurance.
  7. If you apply and are denied, you have a limited amount of time to appeal depending on your state laws.
  8. You can apply online for unemployment insurance, so there is no need to visit your local unemployment office.  Visit to find out where to apply online.
  9. In most situations you will receive up to 26 weeks of unemployment insurance.
  10. If you qualify for an extension you will receive up to 46 weeks of unemployment insurance.
  11. Per the new economic stimulus package, you will be paid an additional $25 per week.
  12. Per the new economic stimulus package, the first $2,400 of unemployment benefits is tax free.
  13. If your employer gives you a severance package, some states may require you to wait to collect unemployment.





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2 Comments to “13 Things to Know About Unemployment Insurance”

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