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Make Money Online with Free Open Source Software

February 3, 2009 | Financial Tips | 1 Comment

You hear it everyday!  People are making money on the Internet.  You would love to also make some money on the Internet to supplement your income but you don’t know where to start.

There are numerous ways to make money online.  The main ones are eCommerce, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.  So how do you get into this stuff, you ask yourself.  Well believe it or not it’s not that hard.  If you have patience, know how to use the computer and have a deep desire to learn, you can teach yourself.

The cool thing about the Internet is that there is so much free and cheap stuff to help you gets started.  It’s very possible to start an Internet business and within several months or maybe years start to make some decent money.  There is no need to get a loan (like staring a franchise) to get started.  There are many people making a living by working full time on their websites.

Web Hosting

The first thing to get started is a shared hosting account to store your website.  Forget the free websites because you will not own the domain name.  If you start a blog on lets say Google Blogger, you will not own the domain name.  You must own your own domain name because one day you may want to sell the site.  The good news is, it’s extremely cheap to get a hosing account.  You can get a hosting account for less than $7 per month.  When you purchase an account, you will get loads of disk space and bandwidth.

Some good hosting companies are follows:

Bluehost (currently host this website)


Ok, so the first option to make money is Blogging.  If you have something to write about that can create a buzz and traffic to your site, you can make money by placing ads on your site and affiliate links (to earn a commission from sending traffic to other websites).  The great thing about Blogs is that search engines love them.  Done right, you can quickly get free traffic from the search engines.

The top two free Blog platforms are as follows:

WordPress (this site is built using WordPress)


If your desire is to sell stuff online.   You can setup your own store for free (once you have a hosting account like Bluehost) for free.  Forget eBay Stores; build your own store where you have all the control control.  eBay Stores will charge you for every little thing you want to add to your store.   You can then list your products on Google Products for free to get free traffic.  Of course you can pay for advertising using services such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

The top 5 free eCommerce platforms are as follows:

Zen-Cart (easier upgraded osCommerce)

Affiliate Marketing

The third technique to making money online is via Affiliate Marketing which is basically promoting products/services for a commission that you don’t own or provide.  You register with an Affiliate Company to get an account which gives you access to hyper-links to products/services.  You take the link and place it out in the Internet world to send traffic to your affiliate.  When an action is taken (sale or lead generation) you get a commission.  There are people that have mastered this marketing technique and are making hundred and thousands of dollars per day.  They use paid advertising, e-mails, and websites to send traffic.  With paid advertising it’s all about spending less than you make from commission and a very quick way to generate traffic.  If you have a website that gets traffic, then you can send traffic to your affiliate as well for free.

Some of the top affiliate companies to consider are as follows:

Commission Junction (CJ)
PepperJam Network





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