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Store Your Receipts Online with Shoeboxed

September 6, 2008 | Cool Stuff | No Comments

Are you a small business owner or even an individual who would love an easy way to manage all your receipts?  If so, you may want to consider trying  Shoeboxed is a free web site where you can store and organize all your receipts.

Shoeboxed will even scan your receipts for you through their Receipt Mail-In program for a fee.  For $19.95/month, you can mail your receipts in a pre-paid envelop.  Shoeboxed will then scan your receipts and mail the original receipts back to you.  You can then access your receipts online which allow you to sort and export to Excel, Quicken and other popular applications. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee if you want to try it out.

Shoeboxed offers many free tools for organizing your receipts online which includes:

  • Easy aggregation of all your scanned and email receipts
  • Export functionality for Quicken, Excel, CSV, and PDF expense reports
  • Automatically generated statistics about your spending
  • Powerful blocker of spammy emails

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