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Monitor Your Personal Information

July 26, 2008 | Credit Reporting | No Comments

Protecting your identity and credit in today’s world is extremely important. Your credit tells people about your character. Whether you are purchasing a car, a home or even applying for a job, your credit most likely will be checked to determine your character. Your credit score answers the question, “Are you the type of person that takes care of your personal and financial business?”

Unfortunately, many people only check their credit occasionally. By the time they find out there is a problem it’s way too late. They then have to go through the pain staking process of fixing the problem which also can be expensive. In some instances, they have to hire a lawyer or company to fix all the problems created by the criminals who stole their information.

Fortunately, there are several services that will monitor your information to alert you if there is a problem. The faster you find out, the faster you can stop the criminals from destroying your good name. Below we have listed a few companies who charge a nominal fee to instantly alert you should someone try to steal your identity or personal information such as your credit card or bank information.

LifeLock offers a proactive identity theft protection to protect your identity and personal information for only $10 a month. They guarantee their service up to $1,000,000. You may have seen their advertisement with their CEO showing his social security card number. LifeLock also offers identity theft child protection.

Equifax is one of the three personal credit rating companies (Experian and TransUnion are the other two) who offer a credit monitoring to protect you from fraud by monitoring and automate alerts. You can get alerts via e-mail and cell phone. Equifax offers a 3-in-1 Monitoring which makes it easy for you to monitor all 3 of your nationwide credit reports by alerting you within 24 hours of key changes.

TrustedID provides consumers with resources to manage and protect credit and personal information, and who has accessed the information. TrustedID helps family protection for unlimited adults and children, provides proactive scanning for personal and financial information, protection of medical identity, reduction of junk mail, warranty protection of $1,000,000 and free annual credit report.

Privacy Matters is a provider of credit management, identity theft protection and family safety products and services. The company has been around since 1998 offering credit reports and identity fraud reports.

Privacy Matters offers Privacy Matters 1-2-3 which lets members view and monitor their financial/credit information via their home computer and the Internet. Members have unlimited access to 3-in-1 Credit Reports and Scores from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

The company also offers Privacy Matters Identity which is a personal identity theft protection program. New members receive a free personalized identity theft security report to help assess their personal risk of becoming a victim of identity fraud and begin to take preventive measures to reduce their chances of becoming an identity theft victim. For ongoing identity theft protection, automatic ID theft monitoring scans thousands of public and commercial data sources and alerts members by email of potential evidence of identity theft.

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